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It is a company that changes the fishing rod market and is the leading company of the company.

Greeting from JS COMPANY's CEO.

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Sports Fishing으로 앞서가는 전문기업 (주)제이에스 컴퍼니 / 자연의 에너지, 다이나믹한 열정 그리고 꿈과 즐거움을 생각합니다. 짧지만 강렬하고 긴 여운을 함께 나눌 준비가 되셨다면 귀하는 이미 제이에스 컴퍼니의 가족입니다.

If you possess nature’s energy and dynamic passion about life, If you are ready to seek the dream and excitement with endless impact, You have already become a part of JS company.

JS company welcomes anybody who loves fishing. The company admires the communities that embrace great oceans, rivers, and mother nature.

We will do our best to meet our customers needs. We will open our ears to listen to the ones who loves fishing. We will always be there for you.
On a beautiful day, go on a fishing trip with your family and friends.
Revive passion in your life through fishing.

JSCOMPANY CEO l Chang-suk Go

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