Direction to the office

It is a company that changes the fishing rod market and is the leading company of the company.

Direction to the JS COMPANY office.

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JSCOMPANY, LTD. 22, 144beon-gil, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Gyesu-dong -> Beombak-dong -> South Yeokgok(North Yeokgok Stn.) -> Sosa Stn. -> Bucheon Stn. -> Chunui intersection -> Nae-dong intersection -> KT North Bucheon -> Ojeong-dong -> Daejang-dong
Gyesu-dong -> Beombak-dong -> Sosa Stn.-> Bucheon Stn. -> Joong-dong Stn. -> Bucheon Information Industry High School -> Bucheon City Hall -> Lotte Department -> Chunui intersection -> Ojeong-dong ->Daejang-dong
Using Kyungin Highway Bucheon IC direction
Bucheon IC direction - turn left on the first intersection (Nae-dong intersection) - get on to the third street on one way street - Turn right at the small crossroads - go 100 meters straight ahead - Arrive at JSCOMPANY., Ltd.

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