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"Light and strong," released in 2011, it quickly became the standard for light and sensitive bass rod BIXOD B2 returned with new and improved design.

To satisfy intermediate anglers who understand bass fishing and are able work various lures technique we divided them in our line up. And also employed highly sensitive touch type reel seat and ergonomic design into our cork grips that will feel nothing you ever felt before.


B232s (S632UL-L), B242s (S65UL-L) LIGHT PERFOMANCE

Thin and soft yet tip is delicate enough to feel even tinniest bite and butt section is strong enough to transfer power immediately and increase hook set. Reinforced butt section to decrease movement of blanks with light action rod.

Use: Midstrolling, 1/32 ~ 1/8 Jig


B233s (S672L-ML), B243s (S67L-ML) LIGHT PERFOMANCE

  Sharp responsive blank, best with 1/8 oz. rigs and ML butt action gives flex of spinning rod. Design to handle delicate movement of small hard bait. “핀스팟 직공기법

Use: 1/8 ~ 3/8 oz.  jig, small hard bait series of 6cm



  Mod-Fast type hard bait rod. We gave it a soft tip to feel like it’s dancing but kept the rigid blank with helical core butt section to deliver accurate and long distance in casting and to land the fish.

Use: 3/8 10cm or less hard baits, or smaller spinner baits, and shallow crank-baits.



Float tube, kayak fishing. Rod is versatile in obstacles and structures encountered during on water. One-hand casting, pitching, skipping, etc. is possible with one hand with ease and accuracy you can depend on.



  All season, it is a goto rod in Korea, strong butt section and touch type reel seat will enable long cast and sensitivity feel bottom when dragging or walking the bottom.

Use: 7g more Jig,


B236b (BC692MH) WORM & JIG

  Best Four season, All terrain rod in Korea

  strong butt section and touch type reel seat will enable long cast and sensitivity and feel the bottom when dragging or walking the bait.

Use: Jig or spinner heavier than 1/8oz.


B237b (BC712H) WORM & JIG

  Unlike other heavy rods it is light and strong. it can conquer even the heaviest cover with ease. Strong butt section allows the accurate control of buzz baits, plug. jigs, punch rigs and confident hook set and landing.

  Use: 1/2 more Jig. 1oz spinnerbait



  This extra heavy rod has amazing torque and power land anything in even the heaviest cover but does not have the bulkiness of Extra Heavy rod and design to cast 1oz. heavier baits like buzz bait, swim baits, Alabama rigs with ease.



  Ideal for “Heavy cover” enthusiast, This Power rod designed to over come even the worst case scenario and interchangeable handle allow you to fight and bring in Big fish like Giant sneak heads. Can handle 2oz. and heavier lures.



  Design with balance for light reels less than 150 gram and is able to cast very light lures weighting less than 7 gram. It’s fencing sword like design gives it a sharp butt which makes it ideal to work delicate rigs like Micro rubber jig. neko, jig head, and Kaiser rig.

Use: 7g or less jigs, Micro rubber jig, small Swarm bait


B255b (BC67M-MH) WORM & JIG

  Based on the one-piece MH bait cast rod but added a stronger butt section which allows for a wide range of operations. Built with slightly more flex than traditional MH for a smooth action.

Use: 10g or more Jig, 3/8 spinnerbait and crank bait less than 14g


B246b (BC69MH-H) WORM & JIG

  Outfitted MH tip with heavy butt medium action rod. Adaptable to changing terrain with the changing seasons. It shines on bottom fishing and mid size jigs and spinners.

Use: 1oz than the Jig, more than half a spinnerbait



ITEM 전장  절수 접은길이 Lure Wt (oz) Line Wt (lb) 선경(mm) 원경(mm) 무게(g) 카본 Taper 가격(원)
B232s (S632UL-L) 1,910 2 985 1/32~1/4 2~6 1.2 10.3 90 99% Fast 260,000
B233s (S672L-ML) 2,010 2 1,035 1/16~3/8 3~8 1.4 11.3 93 99% Fast 280,000
B244b (BC662ML) 1,980 2 1,020 1/8~1/2 6~14 1.6 10.4 105 99% Mod-Fast 260,000
B265b (BC592M) 1,750 2 1,475 1/8~3/4 8~16 1.7 12.0 107 99% Fast 250,000
B245b (BC672M) 2,010 2 1,035 1/8~3/4 8~16 1.7 12.0 118 99% Fast 280,000
B236b (BC692MH) 2,060 2 1,060 1/4~1 10~20 1.8 12.7 129 99% Fast 290,000
B237b (BC712H) 2,165 2 1,115 3/8~1 1/2 12~25 1.9 14.4 139 99% Fast 300,000
B238b (BC742XH) 2,240 2 1,150 1/2~3 12~45 2.0 15.0 160 99% Fast 320,000
B239b (BC762XXH) 2,295 2 1,800 5/8~4 PE 2~6 2.4 16.1 219 99% Fast 330,000
B242s (S65UL-L) 1,955 1 1,955 1/32~1/4 2~8 1.1 9.6 87 99% Fast 250,000
B243s (S67L-ML) 2,010 1 2,010 1/16~3/8 3~10 1.3 10.9 91 99% Fast 260,000
B233s (BC66L-ML) 1,980 1 1,980 1/16~1/2 4~12 1.4 11.0 102 99% Fast 270,000
B255b (BC67M-MH) 2,010 1 2,010 1/8~1 8~20 1.6 12.1 116 99% Fast 280,000
B246b (BC69MH-H) 2,060 1 2,060 3/16~1 1/4 10~25 1.8 13.0 126 99% Fast 280,000

Made in KOREA

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