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New and improved but kept the traditional design. Based on one piece cork grip design to enjoy most stable fishing


M243s (S562L) MINNOW


When wading in the water, short rod is essential for maneuver. Short length allows for a large arc motion to cast long distances with soft tip with out your vest and other obstacles getting in the way. 5g ~ 9g hard bait is best and when using heavier weight like 12g spoon you can really get some explosive result. It’s also bit more technical than other compatible rods.


M212s (S652UL) JIG HEAD

Perfect for anglers who enjoy jigging with tip. Exploring with 1/8 oz. ~ 1/16 oz. jigs and working down will give an effective results conceptualizing the bottom. M2 series UL rods are the best at feeling the bottom and the water, when you get used to the feeling you will effectively over come any obstacle fish throws at you.



Designed to be the base point for the Mandarin fishing rod.

Based on traditional rod it can effectively handle wide range of lures to target mandarin fish. It’s a light game rod, 7g lures are best for casting distance and operability. Also effective in deep waters of a lake and fast riffles in streams. We strongly recommend L series rod.


M223s (S662L) SOLID TIP

To differentiate between light rods we attached solid tip for interesting flex. It uses lighter rigs than regular Light rods and with more finesse and speed. And advantage for smooth tip is that during bite it reacts smoothly and sets hook automatically. It’s highly effective areas where you previously only had nibble at best and couldn’t react fast enough.


ITEM Length(mm)  Piece Closed Length (mm) Lure Wt (g) Line Wt (lb) Tip Dia (mm) Butt Dia (mm) Weight (g) Carbon Taper Price(KRW)
S562L(M243s)MINOW 1,675 2 1,480 4~18 3~10 1.3 7.9 74 99% Fast 250,000
S652UL(M212s) JIG HEAD 1,950 2 1,000 2~8 2~6 1.2 7.2 78 99% Fast 250,000
S662L(M213s)VERSATILE 1,980 2 1,015 3~14 3~8 1.3 8.5 85 99% Fast 260,000
S662L(M223s) SOLID TIP 1,980 2 1,015 3~14 3~8 0.9 8.7 84 99% Fast 270,000

Made in KOREA

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