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Fro Eging to be everyday fishing it has to be easy to approachable by everyone and every where.

And at JS Company we understand this well and applied state of the art specs and best  material in its class to intermediate rods for beginners to novice. Thin and smooth tip and powerful butt will allow you to land squids from sea walls, and tetrapods with no problem.


- Industry 3D "Z" Guide system improves line sensitivity in casting.

-    X-JOINT to reduce loosening by repeated casting and constant jerking motion and smooth transfer of action when flexing

- FUJI VSS reel seat to increase grip and high-strength E.V.A non-slip cork grip mix handle to increase comfort.

-    Low resin near pure carbon blank so well balanced it can easily distinguish sticky feel of squids bite and reduces fatigue from repeated casting and constant jerking

The waterproof hard case for portability and protection from slat water.



   Easy to handle with slag line jerking to appeal to squid and soft and smooth tip reduces resistance when it takes the bait for fantastic results

• High portability makes it moving from point to point easy and fun



• From cuttlefish to squid fishing all kinds of aging is possible.

• Strong butt and soft tip will allow for efficient fall fishing when numbers are plenty.



   When long distance is required.

Progressive action makes it versatile and able to use other lures as well



Length (mm) Piece (本) Closed Length (mm) EGI(호) Line wt (PE) Tip Dia (mm) Butt Dia(mm) Weight (g) Carbon Taper Price(KRW)
812ML 2,360 2 1,208 2~3.5 0.4~1.2 1.6 11.4 106 99% Fast 190,000
852ML 2,500 2 1,283 2.5~3.5 0.6~1.2 1.6 11.7 109 99% Fast 200,000
892M 2,580 2 1,323 2.5~4.0 0.6~1.5 1.7 12.0 115 99% Fast 210,000

Made in KOREA

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