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Soft and smooth tip is essential for immediate but smooth response to delicate bite generated by squids tentacle for a smooth hook set. Tip design to hold tension and barbless hook stays put and land fish. Other fish’s like rock fish, flounder also can be effectively targeted


Item Length (mm) Piece (本) Closed Length (mm) Load (호) Line(PE) Tip Dia (mm) Butt Dia (mm) Weight (g) Taper Carbon Price(KRW) Note
BC562R-M(SOLID TIP 2:8) 1,680 2 870 8~30 0.6~1.4 0.7 10.8 119 Fast 97% 105,000 주꾸미,갑오징어
BC582RR-M(SOLID TIP 3:7) 1,730 2 895 8~30 0.6~1.4 0.75 10.8 115 Fast 97% 105,000 주꾸미

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