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Simplistic design

4: 6 Flex that can be found only on the advanced rods

Light weight and maneuverability combined with portability and versatility multipurpose rod



For jerking (red sea bream, flounder, grouper, rockfish)

Suitable for deep water, strong currents and a somewhat heavy lure for easy operation

Flexible tip and strong butt makes it excellent to over power fish.

Tie rubber, inchku, down shot rigs



For retrieving action (Snapper, squid, small rock fish)

Shallow waters and slow current is ideal

Smooth flex is excellent in reacting to bites



Light jigging, jerking (bream, small Yellowtail amberjack, cod, flounder, grouper, etc.)

Center cut for portability and storage

Strong mid flex is perfect for jigging in deep waters and fast moving currents

Capable of jigging 140g and above tie rubber rigs, slow jigs, metal jigs, inch rigs.    



Length (mm) Piece (本) Closed Length (mm) Lure wt (g) Line wt (PE) Tip Dia (mm) Butt Dia (mm) Weight (g) Carbon Taper Note Price(KRW)
BC 642JSC(Jerking Shaft) 1,930 2 1,450 150/80 2.5/1.4 1.6 12.6 144 97% Fast  separate handle 105,000
BC 662RSC(Retrieve Shaft) 1,980 2 1,505 130/60 2.0/1.2 1.4 12.6 142 97% Fast  separate handle 105,000
BC 672JSC(Jerking Shaft) 2,000 2 1,030 180/110 3.0/1.8 1.7 12.0 135 97% Fast Center cut 105,000

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